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The Osaka Education Foundation Public Corporation (referred to as the "Public Corporation" from now on) is devoted to improving education in Osaka city, smooth progression of life time education, supporting and contributing to projects raising human-rights awareness. During its operations, Public Corporation realizes that protection of private information is necessary and commits to the fundamental policies enumerated below. To this purpose, Public Corporation complies with numerous legal regulations, including, but not limited to 'Private information protection law', 'Private information protection ordinance by Osaka city' and 'Private information protection policies by Osaka Education Foundation Public Corporation'.

Acquisition of personal information

In the case that Public Corporation acquires private information, it publicly specifies the purpose of use and limits the obtained information to the necessary range and obtains this information by legal and public means.

Usage of personal information

Unless a prior consent of the interested parties is obtained or the usage is accepted by the law or an ordinance, Public Corporation limits its use of any personal information that it acquired to what it publicly specified as a purpose of use.

Appropriate management of private information

Public Corporation undertakes necessary measures for appropriate management of private information in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, leak or other risks related to the handling of private information.

Disclosure and offer to third parties

Public Corporation does not disclose or offer acquired private information to third parties, unless it has a prior consent of the person concerned or the usage is acceptable by the law or an ordinance.

Management of delegation

Public Corporation might provide private information within the required range to accomplish authorized purpose of use, including to delegate delivery or other services, to different companies. In cases of such delegation, it instructs and monitors the delegated subcontractors to guarantee appropriate management of information and prevent information leak, spill or unauthorized usage.

Protection and management system of private information at Public Corporation

Public Corporation establishes personnel responsible for information management, who in order to implement privacy policy efficiently, conducts personnel training and raises general awareness regarding appropriate acquiring and handling of personal information. Moreover, Public Corporation works continuously to enforce and improve necessary management procedures and systems.

Disclosure, modification or deletion of personal information

Public Corporation handles properly requests from the concerned persons to disclose, modify or delete his/her personal information.

Contact about privacy policy

If you have any opinions or questions regarding personal information handling, please contact the administration section of the general affairs department in Osaka Education Foundation Public Corporation.
TEL : 06-4963-2527
FAX : 06-6253-4584

Osaka Education Foundation Public Corporation
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