Kids Plaza Osaka

Museum where kids can learn through play

Information on all the facilities divided by the floors

  1. Discovery floor (5F)
  2. Adventure floor (4F)
  3. Creativity floor (3F)
  4. Welcome floor (1F)

Discovery floor (5F)

Workshops and exhibitions you will want to join at first sight.
The floor to enjoy various science and culture displays.
About Kids Plaza Hall

'Kids Plaza Hall' is a place to discover different dimensions, connect to and have fun with various people, play and create. Events for everyone take places here.

About TV Studio

This studio allows visitors to experience news program recording and chroma-key compositions. You will see how a news program and a movie are created, play along actual newscasters and reporters and try out various technical roles yourselves, operating a camera or sound console.

About Nature section

We have collected many fish species from the Yodo river and the Osaka Bay. In the Nature section you can watch living beings up close, touch, make notes and investigate, it is a space where we foster interest in the nature. We teach about a variety of animals living in fresh and sea waters, country flowers, herbs, and insects.

About Science section

This sections hosts many popular displays, including the 'Soap Bubble Supreme' and the 'Pump Playground'.
Exhibitions in the Science section are designed to foster children's curiosity and interests through physical interactions, reasoning and experiments. We welcome both children and their parents. Please give it a try.

About Society section

Experience riding a train on a wheelchair. Can you imagine how difficult it can be to overcome even a moderately high curb? Or to buy a juice from a vending machine. There are many small obstacles laying around your town. In the 'barrier town' section, we hope that experiencing a wheelchair in a real life environment, will make you think about building a society accessible to everyone.

About Culture section

In the Culture corner, visitors can freely explore houses from different countries and regions, play folklore music instruments, try out ethnic costumes and play traditional Japanese games. We hope to raise awareness for cultural diversity and help build individual feeling of identity.

Adventure floor (4F)

Kids Town is a place full of wonders.
This is a floor to play while experiencing daily urban activities.
About Peek-A-Boo

Peek-A-Boo is a play room for babies and toddlers. We tried to secure a safe and friendly playing environment by carefully choosing toys for all ages and installing rounded handrails to prevent injuries. The preschool children and their parents can relax and enjoy. In addition, there is a nursing room available, please feel free to use it.

About Library

Take your shoes off, sit back and relax. Enjoy reading!
In the library, we hope you can have fun with illustrated stories, and through their imaginary worlds, engage in conversation with your friends.
Depending on the season, we introduce theme related book displays and story telling sessions.

About Party Kitchen

Party kitchen concentrates on dietary education. Understanding how important food is, supporting interest in edible ingredients, experiencing food through all your senses: touch, look, smell, taste and by listening to talks.

Holiday program
Experience talks, cooking, food sampling and cleaning afterwards, to learn about food and its ingredients.

Tuesday&Friday program
Learn about food though games and quizzes. There is no cooking planned.

About Kids Street

Kids Street is a place for children to role play in a familiar everyday town environment, strengthen their bonds with parents and friends, enjoy communication and improve their social skills. Children can pretend to be working at food stands, hair salons, a post office and other locations, together creating a miniature functional city.

About Kids Town

The Kids Town was designed by Mr. Hundertwasser from Austria. It looks almost like a living creature, with all the lines curvy, maze like corridors, crooked walls, different shaped and colored windows. Visitors are encouraged to explore the place freely - you can climb walls, walk over the suspension bridge or slide down the tube slider. Have fun and be active.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000)
Friedensreich Hundertwasser was born in Vienna and became one of the best-known Austrian contemporary artists active around the world. His works revolved around nature and harmony. Kids Town was designed specifically for children and is highly regarded among indoor constructions in Japan.

Creativity floor (3F)

Many fun handicraft programs.
At this floor you can truly spread wings of your creativity.
Computer Studio

We introduced one of the largest touch screens in the educational facilities in the country! Computer Studio teaches not only how to use computer applications, but also how to utilize a computer as a tool, develop rational thinking and be creative. Supporting observance and discovery, we aim to improve critical thinking while having fun.

About Creative Studio

Creative Studio hosts art programs aiming to improve individual expression and creativity. These programs help expanding perspective and imagination, so that even little things around you will become source of expression and creation and will make your every day happier. We attempt to create an atmosphere, where participants, both young and adult can communicate freely.

About Digital Experience Plaza "Aqua"

Digital Experience Plaza "Aqua" is the space you can experience the next generation that uses the digital devices as “play” and “learn”. In "Aqua", Children can experience a difficult technique to master even adults cannot understand while playing with digital devices. It is incorporated digital technology in the exhibition of all, to enjoy the mysterious space of the new sense.

Welcome floor (1F)

Welcome to the merry 'Ball Circus'!
Here the exciting experience starts! Take an elevator to the 5th floor.
Play to your heart's content, and when you are ready to leave follow to the exit on the 3rd floor.
About Ball Circus

Lively 'Ball Circus' welcomes you to an exciting experience! Balls roll on the tracks, jump and rotate. If you look carefully, try and follow a ball with your eyes, you will see fun things happening. Please stop by and enjoy.

Kids Plaza Osaka

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